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Grants Offer Critical Funding to Meet Community Needs Throughout the Central Valley

LOS ANGELES | Nov 07, 2019

Over the last four years, The Wonderful Company and its owners, philanthropists and entrepreneurs Lynda and Stewart Resnick, have awarded over $1.5 million to nonprofits throughout the Central Valley through the Wonderful Community Grants program. These grants reflect the Resnicks’ commitment to giving back in the communities where their employees live and work.

Through location-based investment in the towns of Avenal, Wasco, Sanger, Del Rey, Delano, and McFarland, these grants—which focus on health and wellness, supporting families, and community beautification—offer local organizations catalytic dollars to make a real impact in real time. This year, The Wonderful Company has extended the 2020 grant application deadline to December 13 in response to increased demand for the program. Applications can be submitted online at www.wonderfulcommunitygrants.com

“The organizations we partner with through Wonderful Community Grants make a profound difference in the communities we serve,” said Andy Anzaldo, COO of Philanthropy for The Wonderful Company. “It is our hope that this grant extension will afford these organizations the time they need to craft truly innovative and impactful proposals.”

Wonderful Community Grants began in 2016 in Avenal and Wasco and expanded in 2017 to include the Sanger/Del Rey area. With the addition of the Delano/McFarland region for the 2019 grant cycle, Wonderful Community Grants now awards up to $600,000 annually. Each of the four communities receives up to $150,000, with grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

Wonderful Community Grants

The Wonderful Company and its owners, Lynda and Stewart Resnick, have a rich heritage of investing in the communities their employees call home, especially in California’s Central Valley. Through Wonderful Community Grants, The Wonderful Company is investing up to $600,000 annually in the communities of Avenal, Wasco, Sanger, Del Rey, Delano, and McFarland. Area nonprofits, local governments, and faith-based organizations can apply for grants in the categories of health and wellness, supporting families, and community beautification for amounts between $5,000 and $50,000. Funds are available for program development/expansion, innovation, technology, and equipment. More information about Wonderful Community Grants can be found at www.wonderfulcommunitygrants.com.

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