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There is a lovely French colloquialism used to describe someone so unique and exceptional that no words exist to sufficiently capture her essence. “She’s got a certain je ne sais quoi,” one might say, in the hopes it explains that extraordinary ability someone has to rise above all the rest.

That phrase was the inspiration for JNSQ, a superlative new wine made from select California grapes and crafted in the style of the best French Rosés and the brightest Sauvignon Blancs. The result is a taste so unique and surprising that you’ll be at a loss for words to capture what elevates these wines into a class by themselves.


We sourced grapes from the best California vineyards to create wines that are as refreshing and fabulous as they look. Our Rosé Cru is a premium, Grenache-forward wine styled after the finest French Rosés; and our Sauvignon Blanc is designed to be bright, crisp and crowd-pleasing.


We partnered with top French glass designers to craft a vessel that would live up to the wine inside. The elegant curves and resealable glass stoppers topped with our signature sculpted rose or grape, depending on the varietal, make these bottles true keepsakes, even after the wine has been enjoyed.

There is just one way to understand what makes JNSQ indescribably perfect for jazz in the park, a girl’s night in, or a Sunday brunch: taste it. Only then will you experience how extraordinary a wine with that
je ne sais quoi can truly be.