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Using technology from naturally occurring pheromone Suterra has become the world’s leading provider of biorational products for crop protection and pest control. We've developed groundbreaking, industry-leading methods that are nontoxic to people and animals, and leave no harmful residues. Plus, our

products do not contaminate groundwater or disrupt beneficial insect populations. In countries around the globe, Suterra is helping growers dramatically reduce their use of traditional insecticides—creating a healthier environment for their workers and their communities.

By artificially increasing the amount of pheromone in the field, Suterra products make it difficult for male pests to find females. This means that less mating takes place, so pests lay fewer fertile eggs and lower numbers of larvae hatch.


Suterra benefits from a team of top scientists who’ve built a global reputation through fieldwork, published articles and associations with prestigious institutions like the Royal Entomological Society and the University of California, Berkeley. Together, they have over a century’s worth of experience in research, synthesis, pest behavior and agriculture.


Suterra offers three innovative platforms for dispensing products: a sprayable pheromone, a passive membrane dispenser, and a season-long aerosol emitter. The Suterra Puffer® platform dispenses regular, accurate doses of pheromone throughout the growing season. The product is unaffected by temperature, rain, or UV radiation. Many pests require only a single Puffer per one or two acres, which dramatically reduces labor costs.


Our team at Suterra shares a dedication to providing effective alternatives to traditional pesticides. We work in teams to solve problems and build new solutions, always staying at the forefront of biorational pest-control technology. As a result, many of Suterra's products are approved by the National Organic Program.