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BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Expand Flavor Offerings for Snackers for Spring and Summer Next Year

Los Angeles | Oct 08, 2020

In Spring 2021, Wonderful® Pistachios will launch two additions to its successful Wonderful Pistachios No Shells product line—BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar, both tried and true flavors that will appeal to snackers every day.


BBQ Wonderful Pistachios No Shells will allow snackers to savor the taste of summer all year long. Exploding with hickory-smoked flavor and dashed with garlic, paprika and salt, they’re an irresistible mix of sweet and smoky. Sea Salt & Vinegar Wonderful Pistachios No Shells is a tart, tangy snack – the perfect balance of sour and savory.


The successful Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted No Shells flavors, which launched in July 2019, drove incremental sales and brought new buyers to the snack nuts category. As award winning products – from Amazon Hot Release to IRI Rising Star – No Shells flavors had one of the most successful launches of 2019. While big on flavor, they also deliver on the healthy attributes consumers like to add to their shopping baskets, as Honey Roasted received a Good Housekeeping Magazine “Healthy Snack Award” in 2020. Containing six grams of plant protein per serving, the entire lineup of flavors are both healthy and delicious.


“Adding our new BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavors to our No Shells offerings presents a big opportunity for retailers, as these flavors will compete strongly in both the snack nuts and salty snacks categories,” said Adam Cooper, senior vice president, The Wonderful Company. “Both new flavors have high purchase intent and appeal, and we know they’ll perform on par or better than Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted, which are also remaining part of our portfolio.”


To bring home the concept of healthy snacking, Wonderful Pistachios will be rolling out a new plant protein icon onto its packaging beginning in Spring 2021; debuting with the new flavors. This icon will be placed on the front of packaging and will easily communicate to shoppers they’re purchasing a plant protein snack. Once at home, every time a consumer reaches into their pantry for a snack, they’ll be reminded that Wonderful Pistachios is a good source of plant protein. All Wonderful Pistachios offerings are also grown in California and are Non-GMO Project Verified.


Inspiration for the expansion of the flavors offerings includes research showing 55% of consumers say they would eat more nuts if they were flavored; a statistic which also led to the launch of the Honey and Chili Roasted flavors in 2019 and remains true today.


The easy-to-eat snack will be available in both the United States and in Canada in all sizes from day one of launch, including 22-ounce, 11-ounce, 5.5-ounce, and 2.25-ounce bags. In stores, the new flavors will also be available as part of a 72-count display set to roll out to retailers in March 2021.


As the previous two flavors experienced a launch debut larger than some high-profile flavored chips, this launch has the potential to be an even bigger splash. Supported with a $1 million marketing investment, the campaign will drive awareness on social media and digital platforms, feature public relations activations, and a dedicated FSI to drive trial.


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