Health & Wellness

With a wide portfolio of healthy, iconic products, The Wonderful Company is deeply committed to helping people make better choices, every day. We grow, market, and sell only wholesome, nutritious fruits, nuts and beverages because we believe that what you put into your body matters. By helping nourish consumers with high-quality, naturally grown products, we believe we can harvest a better world.


Pursuing healthier, happier lives

In 2015, we introduced Wonderful Health & Wellness to address the health needs of our 12,000 San Joaquin Valley employees and their families.

The program was developed to combat the lack of focus on general wellness and basic health care needs, punctuated by serious epidemics of diabetes and obesity that are not only impacting all of America, but are ravaging the Central Valley, and, more specifically, our employees and their loved ones. In Kern County alone, one in two adults is obese, and four in ten children are overweight or obese, while in Kings County, the childhood obesity rates are even higher. But 86% of our employees are classified as obese or overweight, 11% are diabetic, 49% are prediabetic, and 90% will have pre- or full diabetes by their 50s.

The centerpiece of our program is two newly opened Wonderful Wellness Centers in Delano and Lost Hills. These clinics are completely free for employees and their dependents, provide free medications dispensed on-site, have fully bilingual staffs, and offer a warm and inviting environment, including a special waiting room for children.

Both clinics are staffed with full-time doctors, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, health coaches, a social worker and an administrator. Every employee who visits the clinic is assigned a health coach to help them and their family successfully reach their individual health goals with guidance and support in the areas of diet, exercise, health education and more.


A holistic approach

Wonderful Wellness is a wraparound program, meaning its benefits extend beyond the Wellness Centers and into the workplace and the community. At our Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Citrus plants, supervisors are trained to reinforce health and wellness as part of daily work routines. We have built stretching and walking activities into each shift on the factory floor; free healthy snacks of fruits, nuts and vegetables are available to employees in their break rooms daily; fully equipped gyms are on-site for all employees to use; employee cafes feature affordable, healthy options, as well as a daily fresh produce market so employees can take home high-quality produce at affordable prices; and our GetFIT program allows employees to earn up to $2,000 a year for losing weight.

We also know that many of our employees live far away from work, making it impractical for their families to use Wellness Centers, so we will be opening satellite clinics in the communities of Avenal and Wasco later in 2016. In addition, we offer exercise activities, fitness challenges, health education programs and cook-offs in the local communities. Through Wonderful Wellness, we are deeply committed to inspiring and supporting our employees in adopting healthy habits and a lifestyle of wellness for themselves and their families, while striving to change the paradigm of health care in California's Central Valley.